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Phase 1

Complete Site Rebuild

10x Faster

Mobile Friendly

New Player

Future Proof

Phase 2

Add New Features

Radical New Design

Advanced Player

Premium Membership

Increase User Base

% Project Completion

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2 months ago

Kae here: Today we were working on the basics of the new player. In both the desktop and the mobile, the player will be represented by a "play bar" across the bottom of the page. When you click a ... See more

2 months ago
Myspace deleted 12 years’ worth of music in a botched server migration

Wow... Myspace just lost 12 years worth of music - no such problem with us. If you're worried about your old tracks we've got you covered. All musics and artist history is safe and secure with ... See more

All of the music uploaded between 2003 and 2015 is gone.

2 months ago

One of our biggest long term problems is solved, we're finally mobile friendly:)

3 months ago

Hi all, Kae here. We're discussing how to handle genres in the new system. Here's what we're thinking:

Each week, we will calculate how many tracks are assigned to each genre. The one with the most ... See more

3 months ago

Hey All, here's a quick update from Kae, lead developer rebuilding MP3unsigned.
"We just finished the first pass of the front page (screenshots coming soon.) Let's start by saying that the new ... See more

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