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Complete Site Rebuild

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Phase 2

Add New Features

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3 weeks ago

The site formerly know as is now...

3 weeks ago
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The site formerly known as is now

3 weeks ago

kae here: while testing the audio player on a mobile device, Dave discovered that the player continues even with the browser minimised. tested for myself and this even works with the device ... See more

4 weeks ago

Kae here - we were working on the playlist today. There's a lovely animation that happens when you click the "play" icon next to a track, that directs attention to the playlist icon in blue on the ... See more

4 weeks ago

Kae here: Today we were working on the basics of the new player. In both the desktop and the mobile, the player will be represented by a "play bar" across the bottom of the page. When you click a ... See more

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